Friday, June 5, 2015

Product Review-Ghodho Breeches

Throughout some time now, I have seen this company, Ghodho,  growing in popularity, with major junior and professional riders wearing their breeches.  I was immediately interested, but wanted to wait it out before I got a pair.  Just recently I finally decided I wanted to order some.  

My expectations were exceeded! When I went onto the website it was very helpful, stylish, and easily navigatable.  I went onto the online shopping section and started looking.  They have so many great colors! I couldn't decide!  I ordered them on a Tuesday, and they arrived on that Friday! It was very very fast shipping, and great customer service.  Of course, being myself I did a little screech when I got the package and immediately took them out of the bag.  When I reached in and grabbed them, they were so light, and the detailing on them was absolutely gorgeous! I put them on and they fit like a glove! They are perfect to my body type, being tall and skinny.  The material is so light, stretchy, and cool.  They will be perfect for summer riding!  Also, I absolutely love the zippers on the bottom of the legs.  They created the perfect fit to your leg.  Lastly, I wanted to note on how stylish these breeches are whether you are schooling, showing, and even out on the streets.    They create a unique and very fashion forward statement to your ROOTD or just any OOTD.  My only other comment is that I normally ride with thick belts, but the belt loops on these breeches are a little smaller, so you would have to ride in a little bit of a thinner belt. 

Ultimately, I am in LOVE with the breeches! I will totally go back for more! I want one in every color as these are a new favorite.  Go check out the Ghodho website to order, and order fast as i've heard they will be out for the summer very soon! 

**Be sure to read the size chart! I am normally a size 22 and the 24's fit me.  They run smaller then other brands.  This was clearly stated on the website before purchasing. **

The fit s is uncomparable.  

Notice the very stylish detailing and the beautiful knee patches! 

These breeches make your ROOTD stand out! I paired them here with my American Colored EIS Cool shirt, Michael Kors belt, My Barn Child Charms, and my Parlanti Miami Tall boots.  

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